Say No to Parabens and Preservatives, Use 100% Natural African Black Soap Liquid

Liquid African Black Soap is actually sensible to use on skin and hair because it consists of all natural ingredients that soften skin and leaves a contemporary clean feeling while not uncovering your skin of wetness balance with deep cleans.


African black soap or African black soap is referred as Anago soap, alata samina or ose dudu and it's been long used for healing skin issues.

It’s a cleaner solution that gently peels of dry and dead skin and provides a healthy glow, however, there are claims that it will thin fine lines, even out dark spots, and reduce disease of the skin, razor bumps and blemishes as well.

That doesn't mean that other cosmetic soaps are harmful, but they will not give as better results as African Black Soap Liquid will as it will strip out all the natural oils from your hair and skin as a result you will feel dryness in your skin or very oily skin and brittle hair.

What it make really natural is that as a result of it's made up of 100% organic ingredients so it's safe to use on your hair as well as skin.

Benefits of African Black Soap

African Black Soap liquid has several numbers of skin protective enzymes that reduces the dark spots, helps to cure a pimple and acne. All thanks to the plenty of antioxidants and vitamins A and E which are available in the African soap.

It also helps to heal skin problems such as skin disorder, eczema, and suntan with fades skin discolorations and give us relief from the dry and irritated skin, and evens skin texture and tone are also looks more healthy.

African Black Soap is available in solid and/or liquid form and it depends on your requirement that suits you.

All the ingredients which are in the African soap are organic, natural and safe for every skin type of skin from young to old.